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Real Estate Litigation

     As a supplement to our principal Real Estate practice, GB Law Group also maintains a focused Real Estate Litigation practice through which we represent lenders, borrowers, developers, and investors in matters such as mortgage and lien foreclosure actions; complex construction litigation; breach of real estate contract and fiduciary duty claims; lawsuits between purchasers and sellers; landlord/tenant controversies, including escalation disputes, evictions, and other breach of lease actions; lawsuits among partners or members of partnerships, joint ventures or limited liability companies; and brokerage disputes relating to deposits and commissions.  

     Our attorneys also represent parties in disputes implicating title issues, lien priority questions, and respective property rights between litigants.  This includes land use litigation, boundary disputes between neighbors, adverse possession claims, easement rights, nuisance and trespass claims, quiet title actions, lien and ownership priority litigation, disputes relating to property association liens and foreclosure rights, mechanic lien rights, slander of title lawsuits, eminent domain disputes, condemnation and reverse condemnation actions, and other such disputes.